After playing many Fortnite Battle Royale online games we have found the upper best landing spot in Fornite Battle Royale. The best location to land in Battle Royale for 2018 is “The Lonely Lodge”. Opening up to five chests and leaving with many purple and gold colored weapons stacked with health kits and shield potions is something that will occur frequently using this landing spot strategy! We have set-out the complete path you can follow to get all the chests and items in the most efficient way. We even added screenshots of each single chest in this spot. To provide you with the needed proof and help you to search for the spots where the chests and best items are located!


The flight route to enter #1 landing place!

lonely lodge flight route

We will start at the beginning because some of you might not be familiar with landing in the Lonely Lodge. If you are entering the lonely lodge from the left side of the map it is always best to fly in between the mountains divided by the “white arrow”. When you are positioned in between these mountains you will have the perfect view over the area. The mountain where the first chest is located will be immediately visible. But just to be clear, we have pointed it out as “go here” in the image above.


The most efficient path to get chests and items in Lonely Lodge!

The best landing place Fornite Battle Royale

Once you have followed the previous steps you will reach this location. Here, you will have to take a few seconds to process all the locations of the chests. To start off, you will have to land on the mountain that is indicated as number one. Right below the number in the middle of the mountain there should be chest. Sometimes, it happens that chest isn’t there. Don’t worry, simple get all the loot from the mountain. Now, walk towards to tent that is located on the top of the mountain and search for the roof of the building that is indicated as number 2. Make sure you enable “sprinting” and jump on the roof of the building. When there is a chest in this building you will immediately hear the sparking sound. Usually, it is located inside the building on the 1st floor. We have added a picture below of the chests location!


fornite battle royale chest

Now, make sure that you leave the building following the stairs that it has. If the building doesn’t have stairs, you are in the wrong building. After you have left the stairs simply go straight and enter the opening of the mountain on your right hand. At this moment, you should be located below the mountain you landed on in the start. Here, you can find the chest on your left hand. If the chest isn’t there. Stop looking, there is no further loot available at this location.


best chest location lonely lodge

Next, make your way to the small wooden lodge that is located at number 4. Inside the small wooden lodges you will usually find regular loot like weapons. However, when you build yourself a stairs behind the small wooden and start destroying the roof with your pickaxe. There is a high possibility that you will find a chest. Obviously, the chest isn’t always there and you should be able to hear the sparkling sound of the chest while you are inside the small lodge. If you don’t hear the sound, don’t waste your time on breaking open the roof. Just skip it and head straight for the main building of this area!


Battle Royale Chest Lonely Lodge

The main building is located at number 5. The location of this immense wooden lodge won’t be hard to find. It is directly visible from the previous location. Remember, that the main building is the #1 location in the Lonely Lodge where most of your opponents will land. Therefore, this place is usually filled with one or two enemies. So make sure that you enter this building without making to much noise. All The chests in here are hidden behind walls. So you should be able to hear if your opponent is busy destroying the walls to get to the chests. Crouch towards them and give them a head shot. There can be up to 3 different chests in this building. We haven’t set-out the exact position of all chests. But we did point out the location of the chest that is almost always available. The other chests are usually behind one of the three walls behind the room with the door on the 1st floor!


Lonely lodge chest main building

Finally, you should visit location number 6. Here, you will find two small wooden lodges. On the ground floor you will only find small loot like weapons, shield potions or med kits. But when you hear the sound of a chest make sure to build your stairs behind it and take off the roof. The final location can usually be skipped. You only walk all the way through the highest tower of the map when you are 100 % sure that there was nobody else who landed in the Lonely Lodge!


Why the lonely lodge is the number #1 landing location.

There are a few reasons why the Lonely Lodge is the best landing place in Fortnite Battle Royale for 2018:

  1. Most often there are only 2 to 3 people who land on this location. It isn’t called the Lonely Lodge without a reason haha.
  2. The lonely lodge has a lot of loot! On a regular basis it included 6-7 chests.
  3. The chests are located closely near each other.
  4. You can clear it the whole area within five minutes

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