How to win Fortnite Battle Royale with legal Cheats and Trips and Tricks in 2018?

Win in Fortnite Battle Royale


You know that you are in need of Fornite Battle Royale tips and tricks and cheats for 2018 when the follow story is recognizable by you. So you just entered the brand new Fornite Battle Royale. The game starts and you and 99 others are dropped on the map. You will have to decide your spot to land, but way before you have landed the ground is occupied by enemies who already carry their weapons. You get frustrated and start to wonder if you will ever win one single game. It is common that winning in Fornite Battle Royale is really difficult. But we will provide you with some handy tips and tricks to make sure that you can increase your chance to win a Free for all Fortnite Battle Royale game.


Fortnite Battle Royale Cheats and Glitches to win the game.

Make use of our Battle Royale Cheats and tips and tricks to become a winner in a free for all match. Don’t forget that this will get you an awesome new glider!


Make use of the glider glitch!

Fornite Battle Royale Glider glitch

If you aren’t already profiting from the glider glitch it is the first thing you should keep in mind to win a battle. Usually, it takes you a while to land in the beginning of the game because the glider pops fairly high and you can speed up your glider a little by surfing though the right wind. However, it is till really difficult to get a real advantage hear. However, If you use our trick for the glider glitch you can at least save yourself around 4 to 5 seconds. This will give you time to go to best possible loot location and get your weapon before everybody else does.

The glider glitch tip can only be used above the water close to the edges of the map. While you are flying above the water your glider won’t be automatically triggered at the automatic set height in the game. This holds that can you will maintain your speed almost all the way to the ground.

The setback of this technique is that it can only be used close the cliff. Thus, this also holds that you will have to find good looting locations close the endings of the map. Also checkout our guide for free fornite battle royale vbucks 2018


Use the Best Fortnite Battle Royale Controller configuration.

Combat pro controller settings

To become the best in Fornite Battle Royale there is one Tip that must be followed. This solution is specific for people who play on the PlayStation 4. But might also be applicable for people who play on the Xbox One and higher. If you play the game on a console it is needed to use the “combat pro” controller configuration. This will make your movements so much more fluent. It allows you to switch your weapons and building objects by using L1 and R1. Which enables you to go back and forwards while selecting. This is needed because every split second in a fight can be decisive in whether you are victorious or whether you will need to start over again. Thus, make sure to use the Combat Mode settings for your controller. The map will be moved towards the big PlayStation button. And you can bend by clicking on R3. The rest of the controllers are most likely the same.


Make sure you always sneak to avoid noises

sneaking in fortnite battle royale (1)

This a pretty obvious trick you can implement and you have probably been doing it for a while. But for those who do not do this. It is very important to always push R3 (in combat mode settings) while you are in crowded areas. This will make sure that your character enters the sneaking mode. Since most players are playing this game using a headphone. They will catch up to the sounds you create will walking and sprinting. And the headphone will indicate the direction they are coming from. Obviously, you don’t want this to happen. Therefore, you should always enter the sneaking mode by clicking R3 before you enter a house or any other location where you expect more opponents.


Use the right weapon for the right distance and objective.

Fornite battle royale victory

Automatic Rifle: This weapon is fully automatic and is best used from mid-range distances. Due to the automatic firing of the riffle you can kill your opponent faster. Due to the quick repeated shots it leaves you some margin to miss your opponent. Since you can spray and increase your chance to hit the opponent this weapon is best for the beginning player.

Automatic shotgun: The time of the Pump Shotgun is over. The automatic shotgun is now the best weapon to encounter your opponent from close distances. There are two ways to make sure you will be the winner. At first, you use R2 to make use of the automatic aiming that is included in aiming down sight. Every time after you shoot and the opponent moves away from your aim. Zoom out and Zoom in again by aiming down sight. The automatic aim will be reactivated increasing your chance to hit. The second method is where you will never aim down sight. Because you aiming will decrease your movement speed. You will use the shotgun and just start aiming at your opponent from the hip. Will you fire from the hip you can easily continue to sprint and jump around to avoid a successful  shot of your opponent.

Regular grenades , Smoke Grenades, grenade launchers, rocket launchers:

Even though not everyone choses to pick up the grenades they find. They are needed to win a match. Because when you enter into a battle with an opponent. It happens frequently that the enemy starts to build himself a small tower to avoid getting shot. Bringing exploding grenades will help you to destroy all his walls at once. Ready to start shooting him when het gets into sight.

Obviously, you won’t need grenades anymore once you get a rocket launcher or grenade launcher. These weapons are not only very efficient to demolish structures. But they can also be used to kill a big army. Take this as an example. You are playing a Battle Royale 50vs50 match. And the big army of the opponent is coming in. Usually, this will be around 30 people walking in a small area. When you have 10 grenades you can shoot the grenades in a line so that it is impossible for the opponent to escape.

Sniper Rifle: This weapon is only used for high-distance kills. When people are from such far range that it is near to impossible to hit them with your automatic rifle. It is time to take out your sniper rifle and aim for the head. One thing you should know is that you should aim above the enemy when distance increases. The further the distance the further the range between your aim and your target. The bullet tends to slowly fall down when distance increases. One shot will kill someone that wasn’t able to find shield potions.

The best tip to avoid dying in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Defense building Fortnite Battle Royale

Are you sick and tired of dying in Fortnite Battle Royale? Well, than you probably haven’t been training with your skills to build structures yet. To avoid enemy bullets it is always best to start building walls around you as soon as you encounter an opponent. If you don’t have time to build the whole tower which includes 4 walls on each side and a stairs in the middle. You can always choose to only build the stairs. When you do this make sure to build twice right next to each other. This way your opponent doesn’t stand a chance when he wants to walk around it. Right after you have build your stairs, You run up the stairs and start shooting your opponent from the advanced position. Make sure to aim for the head, which is easier when you are aiming from the top sight.


How to win when you near the end of Battle Royale?

When you are close to the end of the game you should always make sure that you brought at least 60 steel resources. These are used to build 6 walls. The structure you create is two walls long and 1 wall wide. In between you will build two stairs towards each side. This will provide you with full protection and full vision on each side of the map. While you are being defended by your structure made of steel. Sometimes it is need to increase the height of your building by one floor. Obviously, this tip won’t directly win you the game. But you won’t win the game if you don’t build it.


How to bandage quickly when on low health?

It is very difficult to bandage while you are being shot in Battle Royale. The most common response will be to surrounding yourself by four walls. Just to make sure that you can’t be shot from any location while you take a few seconds to regenerate your health. However, this isn’t the most efficient solution. The best thing you can do is the bend down. And, build one single wall infront of yourself to block enemy shots from the side. With one click on the button you are able to defend yourself from attacks. Moreover, if the enemy opponents are firing heavy towards your structure it is always best to build a wall, walk back, build another wall and then you build yourself below a roof. Try it out, it is the fastest way to be safe.

However, as soon as you hear the sound of rocket coming towards you should get out there as fast as you can!


Don’t stop searching until you have found Shield Potions.

If you want to win the game it is evident that you will need full armor. The whole game is filled with slurp juice, shield potions and small shield potions that will help you to get your Amor level to 100. This will make sure that you can get that extra damage you will need. Moreover, it will give you the time to turn around in a fight when someone starts shooting you out of nowhere. The more shield potions you can bring the better. But don’t bring more shield potions if you have the feeling that you are short on ammunition.


Land at locations that are known to be stocked with chests.

There are a few locations in Fortnite Battle Royale and we will provide you with the number one location. We will go into detail on all the locations in our upcoming blog. The best location for chests in Battle royale is “the lonely lodge”. You can easily find this location on your map. By clicking on the big PlayStation button. In the Lonely Lodge you will have many different locations and it’s not uncommon that this location will have at least 5 chests at the beginning of the game. There is one big house in the lonely lodge that usually has two chests in it. Behind the walls on the seconds floor. The other chests can be found in the small wooden lodges right at the end of the central big house. Here, the chests are located on the second floor of the cabbin. Make sure that you don’t destroy the seeling. Build a stair with 10 wood at the side and demolish the roof. Don’t forget that you can hear the chests when you are near them.