About us

Welcome to Royalebattlebucks, we are a team of dedicated Fortnite players.  This will be our channel where we share our knowledge about the game. We have spent days, weeks, months playing Fortnite Battle Royale. Becoming the first player or team of the match has become a common thing for us. Are you wondering how we were able to pull this off?

Well, just keep an eye on this website! To start off we shared our knowledge about getting a lot of free V-Bucks. When you follow our  guide to earn free V-bucks you can get around 4500 V-bucks in a month. In order to get this amount you will have to spend a few hours of gaming each day. But all the details can be found on our home page. We know that many of you people are dazzled by the high prices for V-bucks. That’s the reason we put in hard work to find you a valuable substitute. Don’t pay for your resources simply start getting them yourself!

What else do we do?

Our main goal of this website is to inform you about valuable tips and tricks. That will enable you to come closer to winning many Battle Royale games. These can be all kind of things that will help you to progress in the game. In order to show our appreciation for your time to read our about page. We will provide you with a spoiler of the information we are going to share to the world. If you want to have information about a specific subject in Fortnite you can always contact us.

Spoiler: How to land quick in Fortnite Battle Royale?

Are you still wondering why others reach the ground faster in Battle Royale? While you still have to start searching the area for weapons and items. Someone else already has found a big shotgun and starts shooting you in the back. Does this sound familiar to you? Well, you can make sure that you are always first to hit the ground in Battle Royale. Don’t let that Glider hold you down from landing quickly. This is how you reduce your landing time:

  1. Jump out of the buss as soon as you can
  2. While you fly down stay above the water
  3. Search for a house or other good location to land near the cliff.

When you fly above the water it takes longer before your Glider is triggered. This way you can reduce a lot of your landing time in Battle Royale.