V-bucks is the main currency used in Fortnite Battle Royale. You can use it to purchase premium items in the item shop. By using Free V-bucks you can unlock new cosmetic skins for your glider, pick axe and outfits. Make sure to get the most, by following the guide and using our generator!

What are V-bucks?

Since the release of the Battle Royale Playgrounds. Fornite the game developed by Epic Games, has turned into the most popular game in the world. Thousands of new players are signing up each week to master this co-op sandbow survival video game. V-bucks are the most valuable resources in the game. It is used to unlock premium in-game features like cosmetic upgrades like: Raven, Dark Vanguard, Rex and Raptor. But you can also unlock awesome dancing moves like the: Electro Shuffle, Fresh and the famous Dab. 

The game is divided into two seperate gaming modes: Save the world (PVE) and Battle Royale (PVP). in the PVE Campaign you can use V-bucks to purchase Pinata Llamas you can smash them to randomly win epic and legendary weapons and heroes. Sometimes you receive really good items and sometimes you don’t.

In Battle Royale, V-bucks are used to purchase non-performance upgrades like skins and dancing moves. You can change the looks of your pickaxe, glider or character. This way you can customize the way opponents view you in the lobby and during battle. The lobby is a great place to show your unique dances. 



V-bucks for Fortnite Battle Royale
Fornite Battle Royale Item Shop

Requirments to earn free V-bucks

The battle Royale gaming mode is free to download on the Xbox, PlayStation and PC. However, if you want to play the Campaign, you will need to purchase the Fortnite game. Sometimes they provide discounts so don’t purchase for the full price.

With the latter you can continously earn free v-bucks by completing challenges and quests during the campaign. You can also earn it in Battle Royale. However, it is required to purchase the Battle Pass for 1000 V-bucks before you can receive the benefits. The great thing, is that you can earn your payment back by levelling up the Battle Tiers. In order to get the Battle pass you should complete a payment or you can use our generator!

Once you have have it unlocked you can start leveling by completing daily missions and weekly challenges. This will earn you enough V-bucks to purchase your Battle Royale pass for the next season. Thus, if you don’t feel like spending to much money on Fortnite Battle Royale. You can stack enough bucks to make sure that you are settled for all seasons. However, when you get seduced to spend it on something else. You can use our guide to start farming.

There are also rumours spreading about the Save The World Gaming Mode. Some say it will be available for free somewhere in 2018. This open ups opportunites. But time will have to teach us. 


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Updated in April, 2018

1.1 Activate the Battle Pass

Recently, Epic Games added the Seasonal Battle Pass to Battle Royale. This has made it possible to earn Free V-bucks during your PVP Games. This is done by completing daily challenges, weekly challenges and leveling up to earn stars. Once you have gained 10 stars your Battle tier will level up. You can reach the maximum of 100 tiers on the Battle pass. In total, this will earn you 1500 V-bucks spread over the Tier levels indicated in table 1.1. 


Battle Pass reward V-bucks

1.2 The best Battle Pass rewards

The Battle pass provides unique prices on each tier level. You can think about outfits, gliders, harvesting tools, contrails, emoticons and many more. The best items you receive are:

  • The Dark Voyager Outfit – Tier 70
  • Elite Agent Outfit – Tier 87
  • Trusty No. 2 Harvesting Tool – Tier 79
  • The Flames Contrail – Tier 85
  • The Reaper Outfit (John Wick) – Tier 100

A new Battle Pass will be launched each season. In comparison to other games, Fortnite is very generous with the reward they offer in return. Moreover, you can easily pay for your next Battle Royale Season pass by saving the V-bucks you acquired. However, since most of you will feel tempted to purchase a lot of items from the item shop. It is recommended to continue reading the next part of the guide.


Tier Level Amount of V-bucks
4 100
11 100
18 100
19 100
27 100
34 100
35 100
43 100
51 100
59 100
67 100
75 100
83 100
91 100
98 100
Total 1500

Table 1.1 The Battle Pass Rewards


Updated in April, 2018

2.1 Get rewarded for daily logins

One of the most convenient ways to earn free V-bucks, is by logging into your account each day. Remember, that you never miss a day. You will receive more, as the period of subsequent days you login increases. In the table to the right you will find the exact amount that is rewarded for the amount of  days.

Once you have logged in 112 days in a row you will receive 2800 V-bucks for simply logging in. This continues all the way up to day 336. 


Amount of subsequent days Amount of V-bucks rewarded:
12 50
28 300
35 150
49 150
56 300
70 150
77 150
84 300
91 150
98 150
105 150
112 800

2.2 Daily Quests

Twelve days of waiting might feel like a long time. Therefore, you can complete daily quests to earn v-bucks more consistently. One Quest will become available each day. You can save up a maximum amount of three daily quests. On completion you will earn in between 50 – 100 V-bucks and 100 Daily Coins. The former can also be used to purchase items in Battle Royale. Visit the Daily Quests List on Fortnite Gamepedia to find all the different mission available. 

V-bucks with daily quests

2.3 Complete Normal Quests

You can get yourself some additional dough by completing normal quests. While following the Plankerton Quests, you will encounter quests like “Homebase Storm Shield Defense 5”. Actually, all the quests that have “Storm Shield Defense” in the name, will get you 100 V-bucks once you complete it. In the picture on the right we are showing you a preview. In other areas like: Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley and Twin Peaks you can find comparable quests. Complete them all and spend it on skins in Battle Royale! 

V-bucks from normal quests

2.4 Level the Collection Book

Earn yourself a total amount of 1500 free V-bucks by leveling the Collection Book. You can earn experience by adding Heroes, Defenders, Survivors, Lead survivors, traps or weapons to your collection book. You can find the amounts of experience you will receive here. Also, have a look at the additional rewards you can earn, by levelling up the collection book. 

 Your reward will be provided at level 6, level 26 and level 91. This will add 500 for each of the levels reached.

V-bucks with Collection Book

2.5 Complete challenges 

Challenges appear all the way through the PVE campaign and will get you 50 free V-bucks after completion. You can easily complete the challenges by following the story line. Because challenges will require you to complete a specific amount of quests in a certain region or area. Thus, you will receive additional Free V-bucks by working your way through an interesting story line. Maybe another reason for you to start playing the campaign. If you haven’t purchased it already going halfway through this guide. 

challenges battle royale

2.6 Earn 4500 V-bucks in a month by completing daily missions!

When you complete the daily login, daily quests and challenges for the upcoming month. You can earn yourself 4500 V-bucks in 30 days of time. With this calculation we expect you to earn 100 a day with the Daily Quests. 1100 with the Daily login and a small 400 with the challenges. When you grind hard, you can complete many more challenges. But how deep you will go, is completely up to yourself. We have provided you the basic knowledge required to become a professional V-bucks farmer. Most of the things will happen automaticly if you love playing the game. But, it will go a lot quicker when you focus on it. 

Where can I buy V-bucks?

If you need way more V-bucks than you can earn using our guide. There is no other option than purchasing it. But where can you do this? It is very simple.

  1. Launch your Fortnite Battle Royale Game.
  2. Log into your account, if this doesn’t happen automatically.
  3. Search for “Store” in the top navigation and click on it.
  4. Select the amount 
  5. Complete the payment method
How to purchase V-bucks

How to spend V-bucks?

How you would have to spend your V-bucks is totally up to you. If you are a big fan of the PVE Campaign I would recommend you to spend it on Pinata Llamas. However, if you are a mainly playing Battle Royal you will have to search for the best looking skins yourself. The best cosmetic upgrades will by different for each person’s own taste.

after completing our guide and using our V-bucks generator you will have plenty Free V-bucks to get a lot of items from the shop.